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what is vermiculite?

& why it's potentially dangerous.

Vermiculite is a volcanic mineral that is fire-resistant and has strong insulation properties. Vermiculite itself is not known to be hazardous. The vermiculite that was mined in Libby, Montana (USA) was found to be contaminated with tremolite; a form of asbestos. The contaminated material was sent to processing plant and installed across Canada as an insulation material for attics, crawl spaces, knee walls and walls. It is estimated that just under half the vermiculite mined from the Libby Mine was sold in Ontario from 1940 to 1984 .

The material is extremely friable (easily made airborne by hand) and can release a high volume of asbestos fibres in the indoor air during any disturbance (renovations, electrical, etc.).

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We're here to help with next steps

1. verify with testing

If you suspect vermiculite, hire us to perform professional testing. Our material sampling follows O. Reg. 278/05 with analysis performed by an accredited third-party Canadian laboratory. Includes an easy-to-read report.

2. certified removal

Healthy Environmental is the only full-service company to offer removal and re-insulation. Our state of the art industrial vacuum system ensures the vermiculite is removed efficiently and effectively for your health and safety.

3. new insulation

Once professionally removed, our team can re-insulate your attic with Healthy Insulation options. Our team is dedicated to ensure your attic is healthy going forward including proper ventilation systems to prevent future mould.

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