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Why Do I Need To Test?

Prior to renovations or demolition, a property is required to have a designated substance survey (DSSR) performed to identify hazards. This survey is a provincial requirement for property owners in order to protect employees on site during demolition. Healthy Environmental is one of the only companies providing surveys for a flat rate fee (No Hidden / Additional Costs). Our surveys are compliant with Ministry of Labour Regulation 490/09 and include a thorough visual assessment, collection of samples, third-party lab analysis and an in-depth report outling findings and recommendations.

In addition, Healthy Environmental offers several distinct methods for identifying hazards and air irritants for residential properties including hidden mould inspections, indoor air quality testing, bulk material testing and bacteria testing.

Indoor Air Quality Testing


Includes Visual Assessment by Certified Mould Inspector, Collection of Air Samples and Full Report with Recommendations

Starting At $450


Includes Collection of Air Samples by Certified Asbestos Supervisor and Report Outlining Conclusions.

Starting At $350


Includes Visual Assessment for Indication of UFFI, Installment of Air Sample, Collection of Air Sample and Report with Recommendations.

Starting At $500

Odours (VOC)

Includes Visual Assessment to Determine Indoor Air Concern, Collection of Air Sample and Report with Recommendations.

Starting At $350

Bulk Material Sampling


Tape Lift, Swab & Material Sampling

Starting at $75 Per Sample


Material Sampling & Wipe Analysis

Starting at $60 Per Sample


Collection of Three Samples

Starting at $250