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We assist renovators and their clients every step of the way. We offer competitive rates without compromising quality abatement work. We also offer priority scheduling for removal work to ensure deadlines are met. Our dedicated and experienced team are more than happy to discuss your needs, whether it be during the planning or demolition stage.


During planning, Healthy Environmental can prepare a report of hazardous substances, such as asbestos. This report is required by the provincial government prior to renovations and demolition. Our company offers affordable flat rate fees for the survey with rush options for quick turnaround.


Your clients budget may not have inlcuded removal of hazards such as asbestos and they may be upset at the news. Our company offers consultations to explain it all, including discussing affordable options to ensure safety on site & consideration of budget.


We understand the true cost of delays on renovation projects. Even small delays result in added stress and loss of profits. That's why we developed an effective priority process to ensure deadlines are met for our renovators.


At the end of each project, a certificate of abatement is issued confirming the hazard has been removed professionally to ensure all workers on site are protected.

did you know?

Asbestos is typically found in homes built prior to 1990 and there are thousands of confirmed asbestos-containing materials such as vermiculite, plaster, drywall joint compound, popcorn finishes, mechanical insulation and vinyl floor tile to name a few.

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