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Removing Mould in Buildings


Determining the Cause of Mould

Our certified mould inspectors are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to perform visual assessments to determine the cause of mould in your building.

Unlike other companies, Healthy Environmental will offer repair options as necessary to ensure the mould does not return.

Common mould causes in buildings include recent roof leaks, plumbing leaks, construction deficiencies and ventilation issues.


Mould Remediation Services

Our mould technicians are trained and follow the Canadian Construction Guidelines for Mould Remediation.

Our mould remediation includes removal of mould-infested substrates such as drywall, ceiling tiles and insulation in addition to surface mould growth.

Our priority is health and have worked to remove mould in high risk locations such as hospitals and long-term care facilities.


Post-Remediation Testing

Once remediation is completed, Healthy Environmental can perform post-remediation indoor air quality testing to allow re-occupation.

Healthy Environmental continuously works with health and safety representatives, environmental consultants and industrial hygienists in the workplace.

Healthy Environmental provides a certificate of remediation for completed projects.