Designated Substances Surveys

Designated Substances SurveysOur team at Healthy Environmental has the expertise and training to conduct property inspections known as designated substance surveys. Our team will investigate the property and search for traces of designated substances (listed below). Only four of the eleven are typically found in the construction material of buildings, which are asbestos, lead, mercury and silica. Under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulation 490/09, every employee shall be made aware of exposure to any designated substances. These exposure levels shall be reduced to the lowest practical level and will not exceed the law’s requirements.

During the inspection, our team members will look for issues within the building, suspicious materials, and will acquire samples when visual inspection is not enough. Our team will provide professional extraction of samples (take physical samples in remote areas) to ensure property has as little disruption as possible. Lab results to be included in final report.

List of Designated Substances

  1. Acrylonitrile
  2. Arseni
  3. Asbestos
  4. Benzene
  5. Coke Oven Emissions
  6. Ethylene Oxide
  7. Isocyanates
  8. Lead
  9. Mercury
  10. Silica
  11. Vinyl Chloride

Industrial Hygeinist

Healthy Environmental has gained a new addition to our team for property surveys. Our company now has an accredited industrial hygienist on staff. An industrial hygienist is a professional who determines the potential for hazards and also evaluates exposures or risks within the workplace and also for outdoor environment studies.

Why use an industrial hygienist?

A hygienist can assist with identifying health and safety issues within the workplace. As a qualified professional, they can conduct site sampling for levels of common hazards, recommend improvements and develop safety programs. Getting a designated substance survey performed can help your company avoid hefty fines. The Ministry of Labour fines for safety violations can be costly as many corporations receive extensive penalties over the $100,000 mark.

The number one reason to utilize an industrial hygienist is to ensure compliance issues are met with the OHSA. This is benefit your employees and directly benefit your company as every dollar spent on a safety program saves you approximately 3 dollars in return.

Designated Substance Survey Reports
Once our team members have completed the inspection, an official report is finalized. This report will outline areas within the structure where materials contain designated substances. Laboratory reports are included, which will provide detailed information on material analysis. The report contains specific recommendations for property managers/owners in order to comply with Ontario’s Reg. 490/09. This will assist management to give accurate information regarding substrates in the building for employees.

If results come back conclusive for designated substances, such as asbestos, remediation services can be performed by Healthy Environmental – quotes upon request.


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