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Air Quality TestingIf your health is at risk, or you’re preventing a legal issue or you want to determine the extent of an issue. Air quality testing is a reliable and affordable option when you suspect a problem within a property that otherwise may be undetectable.


Mould: Mould can often cause a musty smell in the air. Mould can also be detected visually but can also linger in hidden places throughout the property.
Asbestos: Often found in older properties, asbestos has been used in materials such as insulation, drywall and substrate. When disturbed, asbestos fibres can become an extensive and health costly issue.
Bacteria: Many forms of bacteria exist in the world but some may be problematic when found in properties. Two of the main causes for bacteria growth are rodent infestation and flood damage.
Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation: UFFI was used as insulation but was banned due to gases produced from improper installation.
Radon: Radon is an odorless gas that can be found in the earth and is a natural byproduct of uranium. When disturbed, radon can cause serious illness.
Smoke: After a recent fire, smoke damage will continue to affect the property. Smoke causes corrosion and discoloration, not to mention foul odours. After restoration, there can be remaining smoke and the only detection for this is to perform a test.
Nicotine: When purchasing a property, one of the factors to consider is air quality. A nicotine test can be performed to assess the damage caused.
Odours (Volatile Organic Compounds): When an odour begins to form in the air, it is essential to find the cause in order to eliminate the issue. Odours can cause serious damage to property values as well as the health of humans and pets.
Allergens: When a person is allergic to a certain substance in the air, it can disrupt the immune system and often leads to physical symptoms including asthma.
Bed Bugs: These pests can live months without feeding, breed rapidly and can travel. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs aren’t just found in beds: they also exist in offices (in furniture), schools, hotels and hospitals. Infestation can lead to a decrease in property value as well as infections once bitten.


Our Certified Environmental Technicians and/or our asbestos supervisor will perform tests and interpret results.

Only Registered Occupational Hygienist or Engineers with Masters in Hygiene can perform clearance certificates for Grow –ops whom had the power disconnected by Electric Safety Authority.

Air Quality Testing

Suspect/Issue Average Cost Range for Dwellings in GTA Guidance or Risk Criteria
Mould $250 to $450 100-500 Spores per M³(Canadian Construction Association)
Asbestos $250 to $500 Reg. 278/05 (Prov. of Ontario) < 0.01 Fibres Per c/c
Bacteria $400 to $500 No Presence of Bacteria
UFFI $500 50 Ug/M³ (Health Canada)
Radon $150 (Short-term 3-5 days and Long-term 90 days)  200 Bq/M³ (Health Canada)
Smoke $300 to $1000 Presence of Smoke Dust Particles
Odours (VOC) $500 to $800 Presence of Volatile Organic Compounds

Bulk Testing

Suspect/Issue Average Costs
Mould $60 Per Sample
Asbestos $60 Per Sample/Phase
Vermiculite $60 Per Sample
UFFI $150 Per Sample
Allergens (Per Allergen) $70 Per Sample
Bedbugs (Swab) $90 Per Sample

* Extraction to meet proper protocol/regulations is $70 per defined area. Rates subject to change due to unknown circumstances. Reports and lab testing typically take up to 7 business days to process. Rush service is quoted based on individual needs. Our samples are only sent to Accredited Laboratories.



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