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How do we protect the air that you breathe?

1. Assessment:

Our qualified inspector will inspect your property through visual inspection, assess your situation, provide a quotation for removal or encapsulation, educate and answer concerns.

2. Hiring:

Hire us to perform professional work using staff that are certified trained, insured with$5 million commercial general liability with pollution emission coverage and WSIB coverage.

3.Healthy Results:

Have a liveable and safe property for people to occupy.

List of Services

Asbestos Removal And Abatement:

Asbestos Assessment We remove the following asbestos containing materials such as vinyl tiles, sheets, wrapping on registers and hvac pipes, airocell and elbows on boilers and pipes, roofing, fire proofing, plaster and drywall compound caulking using type one, two or three operations.

Mould Removal and Remediation:

Mould Inspection We remove mould from basements, crawl spaces, cold storage rooms, floors, and walls using level one, two or three operations. We specialize in attics. Ultimately, our aim is to fix causes of mould and prevent it from coming back.

Lead Removal:

Lead Removal ServicesWe remove pipes, paint and metal objects and/or encapsulation.

Vermiculite Removal:

Vermiculite Removal We remove from walls and attics using high volume vacuum extraction method attached to a double containment with HEPA negative air system.

Air Quality Testing:

Air Quality Testing We can perform tests to prove asbestos exists or if it is absent. We can also indicate how much mould exists. Additionally, we can identify which species are present and if hidden mould exists. We only use accredited labs, high tech equipment and trained dogs.

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