Household MouldIt’s probably safe to say that the majority of homeowners are aware that mold in the home is not a good thing. In fact, the presence of household mold has the ability to initiate large-scale renovations or cause prospective homeowners to pass on a home altogether.

The reason for such strong reactions is the potential health risk that mold exposure brings with it.

Common Issues

For most people that experience health issues because of household mould exposure, the effects are more chronic than acute. That’s to say, they start small and build up over time. Some of the common health risks include:

• Headache
• Eye, nose and throat irritation
• Shortness of breath and wheezing
• Excessive coughing
• Phlegm build-up in the chest
• Minor skin irritations

Accelerated Risk

Of course, not all the health risks of mould exposure are minor. Some people have an accelerated risk for more acute reactions, including small children or infants, elderly people or people with suppressed immune systems. People with strong allergies to mould or with lung diseases like asthma are also at an increased risk for bigger health problems.

Acute respiratory distress is probably the most serious issue that people with an accelerated risk might face. Fevers and serious skin rashes can be bad, but if you’re unable to breathe, not much else really matters.

And if you or someone in your home already suffers from a serious health issue, exposure to mould on a regular basis could make their existing condition even worse.

Who to See?

If you think you’ve been exposed to mould and you’re feeling any of the symptoms listed here at all, contact your family doctor first and foremost. From there, you may be referred to a specialist that deals with allergies or lung function or whatever matches the particular symptoms you are feeling.

Just don’t procrastinate when you realize that there is mould in your home and especially when anyone is feeling the effects of being around it and breathing it in. Mould does not belong in the same living space as humans and it has the ability to become airborne and take up the same air you are trying to breathe. With home venting the way it is, the potential for mould spores to spread all around the house is certainly there.

Along with dealing with any health issues, it’s also terribly important that you deal with the mould issue. Give us a call today and we’ll send out an expert to do a full inspection and get rid of that mould once and for all.

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