Test Before You Tear Down

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Ontario One Call {On1call.com} states the importance of ensuring homeowners and potential contractors call before they dig. Before excavation begins, it is essential that the area be checked for gas lines and other safety issues, which can be avoided by a simple call.

There are crucial other questions to consider before starting any renovation. Asbestos used in building material was finally banned in Canada in 1986. The ban did allow for companies to continue to sell stock of asbestos materials until their sources were depleted. To be safe, homes built prior to 1990 should have substrates tested before work is done. Once asbestos is disturbed, toxic fibers can enter the air you breathe; a health risk to your family.

Where Could Asbestos be Located in Your Home?

It is beneficial to knowledge yourself in the material asbestos could have been used in. Building material that does contain asbestos can look the same as ones that don’t.

–       Ceiling Tile

–       Vinyl/Linoleum Flooring

–       First & Second Coats of Plaster

–       Drywall Corner Beads

–       Popcorn Ceiling

–       Stucco

What Now?

The next step if asbestos is expected is to hire a professional asbestos abatement company or consultant to survey your home. Be sure to hire a company with experience and proper qualification. These workers are trained to scout out asbestos and are highly knowledgeable in asbestos-made materials.

What Happens Next?

The company will extract a sample and take it to an accredited laboratory for proper testing for asbestos and other harmful toxins. If the test comes back positive, a plan of action can be taken to remove it.

Healthy Environmental believes in safe yet efficient and professional removal practices. Before hiring any contractor for removal, it is critical to ensure qualification and experience. For additional information regarding how we work, call or email us.


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