The amount of stress is overwhelming when deciding to move into a new home. When looking to purchase the perfect home, there are certain issues that can alter a person’s decision on whether or not to buy. One of the common issues for homebuyers is buying a house that has mould or asbestos. According to a CNN Money article, around 30 per cent of houses on the market each year have mould.

Our first instinct is to protect our family from impending dangers in the air we breathe. There is also a growing fear of the unknown (How do we know if our new house may have mould?). Walking away from a dream home leaves frustrated real estate representatives but more importantly it leaves potential homeowners in a difficult situation. Don’t fret.  The majority of homes on the market that have mould are fixable and less costly if the situation is taken care of sooner than later. The best thing to do is call in a designated specialist that will complete tests and inform you and your family of the best possible solutions.

Henry Kwasniak, owner of Healthy Household, is a certified mould inspector and has worked with customers purchasing new homes. Kwasniak recommends hiring a qualified home inspector that has environmental training to review the property. An inspector will search for mould in the most commons areas including sheeting in attics, cold cellars (fruit cellars/cantinas) and basement walls.

“Remove hysteria from the equation. Get knowledge,” Kwasniak suggests. “Use your common sense. Use your eyes and your nose. If you can see or smell it, then you already know this house has a mould issue.” Mould, contrary to popular belief, is not the hazard. It’s the inhalation of mould spores over long periods of time that can affect health.  Don’t hesitate to continue with purchasing a home under a conditional offer. Have a professional mould remediation company present the seller or buyer a price. Most mould issues can be effectively remediated to ensure a safe environment for your family.

Mould does not have to be the reason to give up your dream home. Like all home concerns, there are certified trained specialists to handle and ultimately help you protect what comes first: a healthy family moving into their new home.

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