Mould RemovalIn the process of doing some renovations, you may come across mould. Painting over it may seem like a catchall solution. It’ll kill the mould and you’ll have a brand new coat of paint. Unfortunately, slapping on a coat of paint won’t make a mould problem go away. Before you apply a coat of paint, take these steps to get rid of the mould, so it doesn’t return after you’ve completed a paint job.

1. Find All Sources of Mould

If mould is in one place, it’s likely to be in another. Inspect your home to find out where else the mould may be growing around your house. It’s not enough to just find out where the mould is, but it’s best to find the source of mould and repair the problem. Without repairing the initial problem, you’re just using a band-aid solution.

2. Kill the Mould

Rid your walls of the mould by using a bleach and water solution. Most instances of mould can be taken care of with this simple mixture. Use a spray bottle to get at all the mould and wipe it away with a damp cloth. If the stain doesn’t disappear completely, you might want to consider calling in a professional mould inspection company. It’s important to kill the mould thoroughly. Not only for the look of your home, but mould contains spores that can affect your health over time.

3. Use a Primer

That mould stain might show up if you don’t use a primer. To prevent this, get a mould-resistant primer and paint the areas that are affected along with the areas that are prone to mould build-up. This can include the bottoms of walls, the tops of ceilings and basements.

4. Now, You Can Paint

Think about using a mould-resistant paint, too. This will help you prevent the mould from coming back to haunt you. A mould-resistant paint can actually kill the mould and prevent anything new from growing if you apply it properly.

Wait, Why Didn’t I Just Paint With Mould-Resistant Paint?

That’s an excellent question. You can paint with mould-resistant paint to begin with, but without finding and treating the source of the mould, it’ll likely spread to other areas. Take the proper steps and you’re not only adding a more value to your home, you’re adding more value to your health.

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