corner MouldAlong with being a great place to store decades worth of junk, or a creepy reminder of all those scary movies you’ve seen, the crawlspace of your home is also known as a problem mould spot. In some cases, the mould may be under your house multiplying as it pleases for years and you won’t even know it’s there until a family member gets sick or you put your house up for sale and a home inspector finds it.

Both of these scenarios are bad news for you, so it makes sense to deal with the problem before it actually becomes a problem. Prevention is the key, and it all starts with one thing.

Moisture is the Enemy

Well…not just moisture, but that’s what sets the whole mould / crawlspace issue in motion. Here’s a common scenario; it’s the summer time and the warm outside air comes in contact with the cool crawlspace air and condensation (mould) is formed. That’s the first step. The next step is for that moisture to find a viable food source to create and grow the mould.

And guess what? If your house was built on wooden joists like just about everyone else’s, then the mould has an ideal source of food. Wet wood is one of the best places for nurturing all different types of household mould, and your crawlspace may be teeming with damp wood.

The Vapor Barrier

One of the best ways to prevent moisture from getting into your crawlspace and starting this whole mould lifecycle is to install a vapor barrier. Basically, this is a large sheet of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic that covers the entire crawlspace.

You should also overlap any seams of the plastic by at least one foot and maybe two. Tape every seam and extend the plastic at least one foot up the walls of the crawlspace. Laying down a vapor barrier in your crawlspace isn’t overly challenging, but if you have any issues with claustrophobia the tight quarters might make you a little queasy.

The Best Way to Know

Naturally, the best way to know if you have a problem under there is to have a professional mould inspection. You probably don’t want to squeeze under the crawlspace and install a vapor barrier if its already teeming with mould under there. If you’ve ever had a moisture issue under there or you can see mould or signs of dampness with your flashlight, make it easy on yourself and give us a call today.

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