mould basementWhether your basement is a sanctuary, an extra apartment, a kid’s play room, hobby area, family room, finished or unfinished, mould is always an issue. You probably know that mould requires moisture to grow and flourish, and you probably know that a basement is an ideal place for moisture to get out of hand.

Here are five steps you can take to help keep mould out of your basement and never even give it a chance.

1. Control the Clutter – You don’t have to turn into that neat freak you swore you’d never be, but keeping everything organized down there is always a good idea where mould is concerned. Clutter just gives the mould more places to grow and if prevention is your goal, it’s best to eliminate it.

2. Control the Humidity Level – Since mould loves moisture and humidity, it stands to reason that controlling the humidity level in the basement is a good idea. This is especially true in the summer, when it can get pretty damp down there. Buy a quality dehumidifier and let it do its thing in the hotter months.

3. Insulate the Walls – This tip may not exactly fit in the “easy” category, but it is certainly effective. Having the basement walls properly insulated helps keep moisture out, which helps keep mould out. Feel free to outsource this step to professionals with a proven track record of success.

4. Lose the Carpet – If you have carpet in your basement and you’ve had ongoing moisture or mould problems, it’s probably time to ditch the carpet. Laminate flooring or even those inexpensive floor tiles won’t create the breeding ground for mould that your carpet does.

5. Make a Checklist – Regular care and maintenance on your part is a great way to keep the moisture and the mould at bay in your basement. This includes regular cleaning, checking for signs of moisture, replacing furnace filters on schedule, fixing leaking pipes as soon as possible and removing any standing water as soon as you notice it.

These tips won’t guarantee you a mould-free basement forever, but you’ll definitely be a few steps ahead of most homeowners. Also take the time to book an inspection every so often, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your basement is safe for everyone in the house. Give us a call today to talk it over.

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  • Keeping the mould out of the basement has always been an issue for me, thank you for posting these tips and i hope this will work me.

    Emmett Chapman | July 3, 2014