When to Use an Industrial Hygienist

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When renovations or maintenance is performed on a building, a designated substance survey should be performed. This assessment will inspect all suspected hazardous substances within the property including lead, asbestos, silica and mercury. When a building is occupied with workers, the property manager must take specific measures to ensure the health and safety of his or her employees.

In Ontario, Regulation 490/09 outlines the requirements to control exposure of workers to these substances. Regardless of the building’s age, it is beneficial to perform a survey. Most contractors will not begin a renovation/demo project without a designated substance survey completed.

If you have a larger firm and require the assurance of compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), it is recommended to seek the utilization of an industrial hygienist.  Occupational hygienists will be able to develop corrective measures to eliminate hazards. Failure to enforce an asbestos management plan could lead to hefty fines form the Ministry of Labour.

Top 3 Reasons To Utilize a Hygienist

1. Avoid Government Fines: The OHSA and Ministry of Labour will issues fines if employee safety is not met. An industrial hygienist is committed to identifying all hazards within the workplace, including chemical, biological and physical factors.
2. Ensure Employee Health and Safety: An outside party, such as an industrial hygienist, can investigate employee health and safety concerns. This directly leads to better health and safety communication throughout the workplace.
3. Increase Profit: Performing a survey can help decrease the likelihood of employee’s taking time off due to illness caused by hazards at work. Also, your employee’s will feel safer and work more effectively. 

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