Another component to consider when purchasing a home is a detailed inspection of the property’s bathroom(s). Unless you plan to renovate the bathroom right away, it is important to look for evidence concerning issues that could diminish the value of a home.

Bathrooms require proper ventilation due to high humidity levels. When inspecting a washroom, check the exhaust fan to make sure it does not terminate into the attic. If you’re unsure, get a qualified home inspector to oversee this. There should be adequate airflow and pressure throughout the room. Issues could lead to moisture penetration into drywall, insulation, and joists (mould develops). A buildup of condensation on walls is a telltale sign of a bathroom in need of upgrades.

All drains (sink, tub and/or shower) should not be clogged. It’s a good idea to have a look under the sink to ensure plumbing is in decent condition as well with the toilet. The two shapes commonly used are S and J pipes. Both contain sink traps (used to trap gases) that could become blogged with objects.

Caulking around the tub/shower should be carefully analyzed for traces of mould/mildew. The caulking should look clean and be uniform around the entire area. If there are stains or evidence of past leaking around the base of the tub/shower, there could be mould hidden underneath. Typical signs of mould growth are: a musty smell, dark stains around the tub/shower and poor ventilation.

Floors and windows will be covered in another article, which will discuss in-depth on the issues many homes contain.

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